Toni Braxton opens up about dating her ex-husband after divorcing him on ‘Red Table Talk’

Braxton revealed the reasons for her split with Keri Lewis.

Toni Braxton
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Absolut Elyx)

On the latest episode of Red Table Talk, Toni Braxton opened up to Jada Pinkett Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris about the difficulty she experienced when she divorced Keri Lewis in 2013.

“I hated having to surrender to the loss,” Braxton said.

Her ex was one of the founding members of Mint Condition and the couple shares two sons. According to the singer turned reality star, she and her husband of 12 years split up over money issues and her illness didn’t help.

“I felt shallow because my ex-husband and I broke up for money issues…I found out I had lupus at the time, I couldn’t make money because I had lupus, I had to cancel the show. That was my personal contribution to the marriage failing, because who wants to take care of a person who’s sick all the time? I remember a few times being in the hospital ill and he would come later in the day and I would think, he’s not coming because I’m sick,” she explained.

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“I never talked to my ex husband about it, I probably should have, but if I’m going to be completely honest, money was just the decoration on the tree. The tree itself was I felt because I was sick, he left.”

The Braxton Family Values star also revealed that she and Keri started dating after their divorce and were working toward reconciliation.

“My husband became my boyfriend and we were attempting to salvage the relationship again, we were hopeful,” she said, “We dated for a good year and a half, almost 2 years after we got a divorce,” she said. “I know it sounds crazy, right?”

Toni Braxton also admitted that she hid the split from her kids for years. “I thought we were going to get back together and we were clever, we’d wait for the kids to go to sleep and he would leave.”

The singer is now engaged to Birdman but has been tight-lipped about wedding plans. We’re just wondering what the deal is with the engagement ring she claims was stolen from her luggage during a recent Delta flight.

Check out the full episode here.