WATCH: Violent Pittsburgh Steelers fan caught choking pregnant woman during game

Arrests at football stadiums across the country have risen since 2011, according to a 2016 report by the Washington Post.

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It appears that NFL games are some of the most dangerous places to be these days.

Another violent incident took place Sunday night when a Pittsburgh Steelers fan was caught on video choking a pregnant Los Angeles Chargers fan during the game in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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According to KDKA, two men were fighting in the stands when the woman, wearing a blue Chargers jersey, attempted to break it up. One of the men, wearing a Steelers jersey, then grabbed the woman around her neck.

“My wife and I attend several road games annually and I myself have been to approximately a dozen away games and have never experienced anything like we did Sunday night,” Daniel Minshew, the unnamed woman’s husband, said to the Pittsburgh Current. “I plan on calling police officials today about filing criminal charges.

“[I get] heckled and yelled at prior to the attack, but for the most part it was nothing abnormal that I wouldn’t consider uncustomary for an NFL game,” Minshew continued. “Not only was there an assault, but my wife is also 26-and-a-half weeks pregnant and I legitimately feared for both our safety.”

Minshew also said that there was “no security or presence of law enforcement was visible in the actual section.”

In a statement, a Heinz Field spokesperson condemned the behavior of the Steelers fan and said that they were in contact with authorities.

“We strive to make events at Heinz Field safe for our guests,” the statement read. “This type of behavior seen in the photo is unacceptable and something we do not condone on our property.”

Arrests at football stadiums across the country have risen sharply since 2011, according to a 2016 report by the Washington Post.

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The Post examined police data from the past five seasons, finding there were roughly 6.34 arrests per game league-wide during the regular season last year.

Pittsburgh ranked fifth with nearly 17 arrests per game, behind Oakland, both New York teams, and the former home of the Chargers, San Diego.