Rev Run was eating eggs and getting high when he wrote ‘Christmas in Hollis’

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Rev Run of the legendary rap group Run-DMC says the inspiration for the classic holiday festive rap “Christmas in Hollis” came while he was high and eating breakfast.

He told Page Six of the 30-year-old track, “I was in my new house that I just purchased in Hollis [Queens]. I was by myself. And I look down at my plate — it was eggs, jelly, and toast. I just finished my breakfast and I wrote the rap.”

“‘It was December 24th on Hollis Ave in the dark/ When I see a man chilling with his dog in the park/I approached very slowly with my heart full of fear/ Looked at his dog, oh my god, an ill reindeer.’”

He added: “I look down [at the lyrics] and I thought, ‘Wow this is crazy.’ I wrote that in like one minute.”

The tune appeared on 1987’s A Very Special Christmas charity compilation album, which benefited the Special Olympics.

Meanwhile, Rev Run is currently promoting StubHub’s holiday-themed page. Learn more about it here.

In related news, Rev’s daughter Angela Simmons is still mourning the death of her ex-fiance, Sutton Tennyson Sr., and she says her father is helping her cope one day at a time. The celebrity mom took to Instagram to thank Simmons for being an incredible father figure to her son. Tennyson was found with multiple gunshot wounds inside his garage by police officers in November, reports USA Today.

“I thank God every day for such an amazing Dad,” she wrote online on her father’s birthday. “I couldn’t ask for a better Dad or Papa for SJ. I know he will always have you. Love you Dad. Thanks for always being here.”

She also doted on her “sweet” son who has given her “much strength” during this painful time.

“The love of this child gives me so much strength,” she told fans. “He’s so sweet to me,” she added.

“He so cute and he gives so much luv,” one fan said. “Beautiful,” wrote another.