TheGrio’s official travel correspondent, Fitz Henley, is known for being a globetrotter – an international voyager and connoisseur of all things adventurous. He’s finally back and ready to show us all how to have an awesome travel experience without ever catching a flight.

With the help of the new Ford F-150, Fitz packed up his ride and hit the road headed to Houston, Texas to find the city’s hidden gems across fashion, art, culture, and of course tasty food!

As America’s fourth largest city, Houston has also become one of the most diverse places to live in the country. It’s where the slow and gentile pace of the South meets the urban chic of today’s millennials; a burgeoning hub for Black culture and style. It was super easy for Fitz to fully immerse himself in both.

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Did you know that there are seven miles of tunnels underneath downtown Houston? Join Houston cartoonist Obi Arisukwu and tour guide, Dre Giles along with Fitz to see this hidden gem, which is a part of Houston’s history unknown to many.

End the evening on a good note as Fitz and Obi head over to Miss Patty’s Wagon, a food truck known for its delicious mac ‘n cheese balls.

“What better way can I run a business and be close to home? That’s the way Miss Patty’s was born,” said Patricia Jackson aka Miss Patty, who prides herself on providing fresh, fast and delicious food.

No trip is complete without making some new friends along the way. Follow our #Journeyman and Ford as Fitz continues to discover the latest incarnations of Houston’s art, music, and fashion scenes throughout our three episodes and see who will join him as he explores all that Houston has to offer.