Tiffany Haddish bombed on stage at a comedy show in Miami. During her act, Haddish told the audience, “I wanted to talk about some stuff but I can’t remember none of it.”

Many fans were mad and left the show. One ticket buyer went so far as to run to the front of the state and heckle her to her face stating: “She is not funny. Horrible show.  In her defense, she said she was having a rough night. She didn’t have to be up there. She ended up inviting me up on stage to tell jokes.

Haddish responded to the incident via Twitter, telling her followers, “Yes this happened. I wish it was better Miami. I prayed on it and I have a strong feeling this will never happened again.”

Even though comics of every background, race, and gender have bombed including Dave Chapelle, there is something about the reaction to Haddish’s mess up that feels different.

Tiffany Haddish skyrocketed mainstream fame after appearing in Girls Trip but she’s been at comedy for many years– at one point even being homeless trying to make it. She’s had success with Night School, SNL, and even a hit book.

So, do people not want Tiffany Haddish to win? Because she’s unapologetically herself?

Sexism against female comics?

Is it part of our internet mean, troll culture tearing people down?

Or is that people think Haddish just… isn’t funny.

In an interview prior, comedian Katt Williams said: “she has not proven the ability to tell jokes!”

Other people have reacted to the bombed show, with reminders that it’s okay to make mistakes when pursuing your dreams.

Questlove tweeted Tiffany in support saying, “failure is a part of growth and lessons get learned. The crowd will speak on this night forever so they had an experience, and you are the wiser. Not end of world. You’ll shine more in 2019.”

Tiffany Haddish has overcome incredible odds from foster care to making it in Hollywood. So, regardless of what happens next, chances are this won’t stop her.

But do we need to stop being so harsh? And know that sometimes it’s okay to laugh things off.

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