Congresswoman Maxine Waters doesn’t suffer fools.

During her recent Millennial Media Row event prior to the State of the Union, the California Democrat had a few choice words for President Trump.

Despite all his boastings of increased employment and his insistence on building a wall, Rep. Waters says the president isn’t making America great.

Here’s what she told theGrio:

“First of all he has no respect for governments. He doesn’t know the rules of the game. …He really thought the presidency was like a dictatorship. That he could come in here like Putin and the others that he admired Kim Jong Un and them.

And he’s discovering the hard way that it’s not. He’s accustomed to bluffing and intimidated. This is what he’s been taught. And I guess his father operated this way. 

He doesn’t deserve to be president of the United States. We have got to make sure that this never happens in America again. And you know I’m for impeachment.”

Rep. Waters also pointed out how negatively the historic 35-day shutdown impacted federal workers and their families.  Despite Trump administration leaders suggesting that people take out loans, it’s never been that simple for Black people:

“Many African-Americans are discriminated against in the banking world. Many people of color don’t have a chance of getting a loan even when they work every day they earn a decent salary they pay their bills turn down the banks don’t want to be bothered.

“This president is willing to put a lot of people at risk and not really care about whether or not they can survive without a paycheck.”

Despite the government shutdown coming to an end, it was only a temporary fix.  The three-week reopening deal was meant to last until February 15, 2019.  Meaning the turmoil could be far from over.

Watch the full video clip above.