High school principal moved out of job after blasting ‘MAGA hat-wearing culture’ in school

Principal Emily Wemmer's complaints about what she considers 'MAGA culture' got her in trouble with the school district where she works

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A high school principal in upstate New York has been replaced after sending out a group of social media posts criticizing the school’s “conservative, MAGA hat-wearing culture” and an atmosphere in which boys and men feel entitled to mistreat girls and women.

Sandy Creek High School principal Emily Wemmer set off an uproar last month when she fired off messages on Facebook that were private but leaked, the Syracuse Post-Standard reported. Sandy Creek is a community of 3,800 in Oswego County, a rural area north of Syracuse.

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The slogan, most associated with President Trump’s 2016 campaign signifies support for the his policies, but for others, it signifies a set of philosophies that include opposition to immigration and gender discrimination.

“This is a VERY traditional, conservative district,” Wemmer wrote. “I have learned myself that men feel totally entitled to manhandle women whenever. Girls are also expected to be passive. If I don’t teach my girls anything else I hope that it is that they can live independently and choose if they want to be in a relationships or not. The mama bear comes out in me when I hear reports of abuse like I heard today.”

In another post, Wemmer wrote, “Even some male students will try the intimidation BS. I’ve been asked if I’m a lesbian or married as if those are the only possibilities for a woman.”

She posted that “fathers of students will often try to intimidate me physically.”

Wemmer also wrote, “It’s hard when you’re fighting against an entrenched conservative MAGA hat-wearing culture.”

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Sandy Creek Superintendent Kyle Faulkner told the Post-Standard that Wemmer has been replaced with retired high school principal Maureen Shiel, who will serve as interim principal. Regarding Wemmer’s status, Faulker would only say it was a “personal matter.”

Several parents reported Wemmer’s comments to school authorities, according to the Post-Standard, but none of them were named or quoted by the news organization.

In a letter to the community, Wemmer apologized and said that her comments were misunderstood. She also said there had been a security breach of her Facebook and banking accounts.

“It was never my intention to speak badly of this community, which has welcomed me with open arms,” Wemmer wrote in her note, published by the Post-Standard.

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