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It has been said that teaching can understandably be difficult at times and may even be more so of a challenge when it is with young children. Still, it appears that a teacher in Southeastern Texas may have gone too far when disciplining a 4-year-old girl.

It has been reported that an unnamed teacher in Texas City, which is northwest of Galveston, is currently being investigated after the child’s mother says that her daughter was put in a dark closet as a form of punishment because the little girl would not stop crying.

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“After I got off work, she told me the teacher locked her in the closet because she was crying,” said Ashley Davis, the mother of 4-year-old Leondria Thomas, said to Houston ABC Affiliate KTRK. Davis said that Leondria told her about the punishment on Wednesday.

“She didn’t give me no chair,” Leondria, who is a part of the Head Start program at the Mall of the Mainland, said. “She just let me stand in there.”

Davis complained to Galveston County Head Start about the punishment. The unnamed teacher and her supervisor were both put on administrative leave.

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“The teacher has indicated she did not do it and the parent said she did,” Program administrator Melvin Williams said. “So, what we have done is put the teacher on administrative leave until we have a chance to investigate.”

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The investigation is expected to be concluded by Monday. Davis said that at that time she will decide whether or not to keep her daughter in the Head Start program.

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