Sources close to Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna say their decision to date was motivated by their mutual hate for her baby daddy, rapper Tyga.

Per Complex, earlier this year, Soulja and Tyga began beefing over who had the biggest comeback in 2018—and Chyna ain’t been right with her ex since he dumped her for a Kardashian.

Sources tell TMZ that Soulja and Chyna slid into the other’s DMs and concocted a petty plan to troll Tyga by pretending to date. Now insiders claim that after a few outings together, the “Crank That” rap star and the former stripper are really digging each other, so they decided to make things official.

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News first surfaced that two were secretly dating a day before Valentines Day, shortly after Chyna and Kid Buu called it quits. She claims the aspiring rapper roughed her up while they were on vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii last month — but he denied the allegations.

“Every single body out there that’s honestly feeding into this s**t and finding all this bulls**t entertaining—all these lies—thinking they’re cool and funny, you’re sad,” he said in an Instagram Live broadcast. “[…] My mom raised me better than that. I would never put my hands on a women—never have I, never will I, ever in my f**kin’ life.”

Kid Buu then encouraged folks to focus on the positive, and urged “bloggers” to “stop feeding negativity.”

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“We livin’ in a good world. We honestly are,” he said. “But everybody believes we live in a f**ked up world because all you guys wanna talk about is the negative […] Stop with that, for real. Stop with that, and leave me out of it.”

Meanwhile, Soulja has also had some troubles in the romance department, namely with a woman named Kayla who alleges she was kidnapped and beaten for six hours by the entertainer after an argument.