WE ARE #BLACKLOVE : Meet Sloan and Mikah

theGrio’s We Are Black Love series is designed to celebrate the inspiring stories of couples in our community that may be underrepresented in media.

In our second episode, we chat with Sloan, 26, and Mikah, 26 who have been dating.

Sloan identifies as non-binary and prefers they/them pronouns, but isn’t bothered being mistaken for a lady although they’d rather not to be limited by any particular gender.  Mikah is still discovering language to name how they feel internally and currently see themselves on the transmasculine spectrum.

For the two Philadelphia residents, their relationship has been magical. They are also parents to a charming five-year-old, Lance. While Mikah works full time, Sloan is the perfect “HouseSpouse”; launching their youtube channel and preparing everyone for their an upcoming move.

For Black History Month, they launched a gofundme to gather support with moving expenses and investment in their mainstream media presence. They believe that social media is a powerful platform, but it also comes with a responsibility to shed light on multiple truths that exist in the world. Through their own lived experiences, it is their hope that by modeling healthy relationships, navigating challenging conversations, and spreading a few laughs that representation of stud4stud couples, transgender parents, and truly intersectional LGBTQ leaders can be given the platform they always deserved.


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