Whoopi Goldberg vows return to The View after pneumonia and sepsis health scare


After a month away from The View, Whoopi Goldberg has broken her silence about where she’s been and it was a pretty frightening reveal.

“Yes, I came very close to leaving the earth,” Goldberg said from her sofa via a video message on the show. “Good news, I didn’t.”

Goldberg announced that she had developed pneumonia in both lungs and was septic. The 63-year-old iconic comedian thanked the audience and her fans for all of their good wishes and comments.

“Even people who aren’t huge fans of mine have actually said nice things about me,” Goldberg said. “We all know that’s gonna change when I get back.”

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Joy Behar had first revealed Goldberg’s illness on Feb. 20 episode. Rumors had been circling that Goldberg was secretly preparing to host the Academy Awards for the fifth time, but she was actually fighting for her life.

“There are all these conspiracy theories on the Internet that she’s not really sick and she’s secretly preparing to host the Oscars,” Behar said. “She’s not even well enough to host this show right now, let alone the Oscars.”

News of her illness has come on the heels of other celebs who succumbed to pneumonia. On Nov. 15, 2018, Kim Porter died of pneumonia and cardiac arrest.

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Last week, 2017 The Voice contestant and cancer survivor Janice Freeman died at 33 of pneumonia and a blood clot.

Goldberg addressed her fellow cast mates and told them all that she would be back.

“Ladies, I cannot wait to see y’all,” Goldberg said. “This has been interesting, and I’ll tell you about it when we’re all at the table.”

“To everybody, see you soon.”