Angela Bassett, Courtney B. Vance reveal possible ‘Black Panther’ sequel spoiler

What beans have been spilled about the fate of a major character from the blockbuster superhero film? The hints are out there

Michael B. Jordan and Chadwick Boseman (Photo: Marvel)

Hold the phone! Could it be that the anticipated sequel to Black Panther will see the return of the villain Killmonger?

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have asked that question since the blockbuster superhero flick hit theaters last year, many feeling that the character, played by Michael B. Jordan, was just too good to kill off.

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If it’s true, it would be huge geek news because Killmonger apparently met his end after an epic battle with King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) during the first movie.

But perhaps Killmonger 2.0 might happen and the hint comes from actress Angela Bassett and husband Courtney B. Vance at the Screen Actors Guild awards in late January. When asked by Entertainment Tonight whether the entire cast would be returning for the Black Panther sequel, Basset, who played T’Challa’s mother, Queen Ramonda replied:  “I would assume so.” Vance was more direct: “Yes, just go ahead and say it, yes! Everyone will be there, including Michael B” [Jordan].”

But maybe our eyes were playing tricks on us? Marvel Comics has been known to kill characters only to bring them back to life. Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Colossus from the X-Men are just three characters who have gotten resurrections, so the possibility exists it could happen in the movies, too. Plus there are expectations that at least some characters that were snuffed out at the end of Avengers: Infinity War last year will likely find their way back to the realm of the living for Avengers: Endgame, due out in April.

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Black Panther has earned $1.35 billion globally and has become the first superhero movie based on a comic book to be nominated for a best picture Oscar. Although the Ryan Coogler-directed film didn’t win the Oscar in the best picture category, it did win for Best Original Music Score, Best Costume Design and Best Production Design. The movie also took home the Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture.

“To see an individual like Ryan Coogler — who had something to say, who had a story, who had a vision, who had questions about his life and his background — to put all of that into a story that resonates the way this film does was incredible,” Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige told The Hollywood Reporter.

Bassett and Vance heaped praise on the movie, saying it had a beautiful storyline, deep meaning, cultural relevance and superb acting.

“For me, that movie changed society,” Vance said.

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