Daniel Caesar gets mollywhopped across social media for defending YesJulz

The "Best Part" singer infuriated his fan base, and a large swath of social media users when he apparently defended an influencer who consistently make racially incendiary comments

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Daniel Caesar angered his fan base when he took to Instagram Tuesday night, defending controversial social media personality YesJulzand ranting that Black people too often “play the victim.”

“Why are we being so mean to Julz?” Caesar asked in the live video. “Why are we being so mean to white people?” The Freudian singer called Black people “rude and disrespectful to everyone else” but said the race is sensitive when that energy is returned.

It’s a lesson that Caesar said he had to learn as well. Last week, Dave Chappelle jabbed Caesar in a joke and the R&B singer said he initially took offense to as homophobic but later cooled down.

Caesar said he “had to acknowledge that I was being f*cking sensitive and I need to be able to joke just like everybody else,” according to Uproxx. He added that “all I want is love,” and that acting “sensitive” or becoming “offended” easily doesn’t help. Further, Caesar said he is not scurred of being “canceled.”

That could be a good thing because many of his Twitter and IG followers seem to have done just that – cancel him.


Caesar posted his Instagram rant after YesJulz was dragged for criticizing two popular Black female hip-hop entrepreneurs during an interview on the Easily Offended podcast. YesJulz mentioned influencers Scottie Beam and Karen Civil when asked about people who did not like her public persona.

But the two women responded in kind.


For his part, Caesar later tried to clarify what he said by noting that people could feel “offended” by particular comments, according to HipHopWired.com. But he believes that shouldn’t stop anyone from being able to voice their opinions.

“You can be offended that’s fine, but to not allow people to say what they want doesn’t help you,” he explained. “Yo, are we winning right now as a culture, are we on top of society? We’re not. You can’t win the game by choosing to not accept the winning team’s strategy.”