T.I. is still boycotting Gucci after blackface incident and blasts man for wearing the brand

Everything is not "Gucci" with rapper T.I. and the Italian clothing label Gucci.

T.I. causes NY Lawmakers to draft new bills/Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

According to Page Six, T.I. blasts a man on the street for wearing Gucci. The rapper who is still boycotting the high-end brand, Gucci for a black turtleneck with red lips after they released that mirrored blackface.

Gucci removed the turtleneck from its website and stores, but the damage was already done. T.I. has been adamant about boycotting Gucci since early February and wants people to know that they are the ones who make the brand.

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“Stand up for yourself, brother,” T.I. told the man in a video posted to Instagram. “It’s what’s in you, not what’s on you. That s—t ain’t s—t until we put it on! We make that s—t fly! Look at me, n—a. I’m fly as a motherf—ker and I ain’t got that s—t on. I look better than you, as a matter of fact.”

The man began to point out that T.I. has worn Gucci prior to the blackface backlash. But the Atlanta rapper quickly shut that down, “They showed me their disrespect, so guess what? I can’t do it no more,” T.I. said.

T.I. has also posted several Instagram posts about how the black community should boycott Gucci and that he will no longer support the brand. He even went as far as creating a diss track about the boxer, Floyd Mayweather, due to Mayweather’s continued support of Gucci after the turtleneck. The song is titled “F—k N—a,” and features lyrics such as, “I don’t give a f—k how much money you have / What did you do with it? How did you use it to make an impact and influence the wealth for the better? / You rather go buy jewelry, whatever.”

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T.I. is not new to fighting for racial inequality. Last summer, the rapper boycotted the restaurant Houston’s, in Atlanta for not serving a group of black customers.

Gucci has since implemented a new diversity plan to prevent future blunders.