Judge rules police illegally stopped Young Thug’s car, scoring rapper huge victory

Young Thug gets evidence tossed out in his drug case.

Judge rules in Young Thug's criminal drug case that his car was illegally stopped.

Young Thug
Young Thug (Photo by Prince Williams/Getty Images)

Young Thug won a major victory in his criminal drug case on Thursday when a Georgia judge ruled that the police illegally stopped his car.

The Blast reported that during the court hearing the prosecution brought three police officers to testify about the evidence found during the stop. Thug’s defense side also countered police claims. The judge granted the rapper’s motion “as the stop of the vehicle was illegal in violation of the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution.”

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According to the order, “Officer Fikes testified, unequivocally, that the sole reason for stopping the vehicle was based upon a supposed window tint violation…however, there was no credible evidence present, whatsoever, how this vehicle’s window tint violated.”

The judge also stated that there was no evidence presented that showed that the car didn’t come delivered from the manufacturer with the tint.

“The prosecution failed to present credible evidence that this vehicle was violating the law when it was stopped by law enforcement,” the order states, according to The Blast, “and thus, all evidence that flowed directly and indirectly from this illegal stop and seizure must be suppressed, including, but not limited to, all statements, firearms and supposed drugs.”

This case stems from a September 2017 arrest in which the rapper was pulled over by cops for an alleged car window tint violation but during the stop, police suspected he was in possession of drugs after they claimed to have smelled marijuana. They then searched his vehicle and arrested him for the alleged presence of drugs.

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But Thug fought back. He filed his motion in December, asking that the court throw out any statement he gave and arguing that cops had no legal right to stop him in the first place.

Additionally, Thug said cops never read him his Miranda Rights.

A Grand Jury indicted Thug on eight counts of drug possession and intent to distribute last fall. Thug has disputed all of the charges.

The judge mandated that the rapper take weekly drug tests and sign up for out-patient treatment. It’s unclear how the prosecution will proceed now that the judge granted this huge motion, however, if the case proceeds to trial, Thug could still face years in prison.