White Dallas teacher on leave pending investigation into white nationalist ties

A teacher at a Dallas high school allegedly belongs to the white nationalist group Identity Evropa.

School officials have placed a white teacher in Texas with alleged ties to a white nationalist group on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

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A white teacher in Texas with alleged ties to a white nationalist group has been put on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

School officials told HuffPost that Stephen Arnquist, who teaches Japanese for Dallas’ Skyline High School, was put on leave after the district became aware of comments he allegedly made online, according to a statement from a Dallas Independent School District spokesperson.

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Anonymous anti-racist activists from Eugene Antifa posted an article online on Thursday alleging that Arnquist is a member of Identity Evropa, the white nationalist group that took part in the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 called Unite The Right.

Apparently, members of Identity Evropa do not realize the lasting imprint of social media comments. To communicate online with each other, Identity Evropa members reportedly use a messaging app called Discord. Last month, an independent media collective known as Unicorn Riot obtained those messages and posted them online. One Identity Evropa member who uses the name “Stephen – TX” allegedly posted 28 times in the Discord group, according to the Huffington Post.

Stephen-TX introduced himself to other Identity Evropa members by saying he “lived in Japan for 7 years” and that he is now “a high school Japanese teacher in the ghetto,” according to HuffPost.

“The school is 40% Black, 60% Hispanic school,” Stephen-TX allegedly wrote in the post. “The school was 90% white back in the 70s. Walking down the hall by the auditorium looking at the band, choir, etc, photos year by year, it’s… it’s not fun.”

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Skyline High School is 99 percent nonwhite, according to school data.

In the post, Stephen-TX goes on to describe his students as “somewhat higher tier blacks and Hispanics,” who are “still unimpressive compared to mostly white classes I observed in neighboring districts,” HuffPost adds.

And Identity Evropa isn’t the only racist and fascist site where Arnquist has allegedly posted comments. HuffPost reported the teacher has made comments on a neo-Nazi website called Stormfront and a white supremacist web forum called The Right Stuff, where he is said to have posted under his full name.