‘I notified the school’: Mom accuses officials of failing to protect daughter after deadly fight

Ashley Wright appeared on  Good Morning America Monday and accused officials at Forest Hills Elementary School in Walterboro, S.C., of failing to protect her daughter, Raniya, 10.

RaNiya Wright (Facebook/Ash Wright)


The mother of the fifth grade South Carolina girl who died after a fight at her school said she complained about her child being bullied on several occasions before the fatal brawl with a classmate.

Ashley Wright appeared on Good Morning America Monday and noted that Forest Hills Elementary School in Walterboro, S.C., failed to protect her daughter, Raniya, 10.

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“I notified the school, and I also spoke with her teacher at the time about this same person,” Wright said about the female student who had been “picking on” her daughter and taunted her into a fight that day, The New York Times reports.

Wright told The Times that the alleged bully rammed her daughter’s head into a bookshelf, claiming that a substitute teacher failed to witness the violence because students told investigators she was on her phone.

Wright said just when she thought the school “handled” the matter with her child and the bullies, “they failed me.” Her daughter died days after fighting another fifth-grade girl who she had complained about “numerous times.”

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She told GMA in the exclusive interview that she was very upset with the school system because she had registered a numerous complaints about the bully.

RaNiya was rushed unconscious from the nurse’s office at the school to the hospital on March 25 but her condition was so severe that she had to be airlifted nearly 50 miles away to a hospital in Charleston. She died two days later.

The student involved in the incident has been suspended until the investigation is completed, according to the Colleton County School District’s website. Officials also noted that information they can share is limited because of the ongoing investigation.