Wendy Williams returned Monday to her hit daytime talk show after a week hiatus, and  wasted no time updating fans about her life and health.

When it came to that 4 a.m. Walmart visit that was all the chatter on various blogs over the weekend, the former New York DJ told her studio audience that despite comments that she looked “lonely,” “frail” and in need of a “hug,” she was actually out shopping with several girlfriends, E! News reports.

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She also addressed critics of her outfit, noting that she was “wearing a Wendy Show robe,” adding, “It was 4:00 in the morning in Ellenville, New York. What do you want me to wear? A ball gown?”

She then got frank about the negative blogger chatter.

“You know I have the graves’ disease,” she said, “where I have pressure by my eyes. Sometimes my eyes go like this. Right? They caught me with an eye pop, also.”

After thanking the blogs for the unforgiving criticism, she then noted, while wearing her wedding ring, “I was just a little disgusted.”

Monday’s hot topics also touched on her co-existing in the sober house with other “functioning” addicts.

“We are people with functioning careers who just want to check ourselves and get down with that 12 step. There is such a stigma to substance abuse,” she said.

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“Everybody thinks it’s going to be the bum on the corner or whatnot and whatnot… Sometimes you just need to go someplace and get one with your sobriety and your 12 steps.”

Meanwhile, as The Grio previously reported, Kevin Hunter, the embattled husband of the talk show hostess, was recently spotted out looking unbothered as he shopped for jewelry in New York City amid reports that his marriage is falling apart and his mistress recently giving birth to their daughter.

Watch the video below: