Shooting near Nipsey Hussle procession route leaves 1 dead and 3 injured

A act of violence breaks out after a powerful celebration of life and calls for community unity.



After a day of community mourning, calls for unity and a celebration of Nipsey Hussle‘s remarkable life, one person has been killed and three others injured during a drive-by shooting.

Police say the incident took place “in the midst” of Nipsey Hussle’s citywide funeral procession, at 103 Street and Main Street, more than seven miles away from the STAPLES Center where the motorcade originated.

The LA Times says there were no reports of violence connected to the actual procession, despite the shooting occurring three blocks away from the procession route per CNN.

According the authorities, the victims were three men and one woman, all African-American.

The shooters were seen driving off in a grey Hyundai.

“We must stop this senseless violence,” tweeted LAPD Chief Michael Moore.

This evening hundreds of fans and mourners filled every area surrounding Hussle’s Marathon Clothing Store, which was monitored by heavy police presence and multiple helicopters.

The Grammy-nominated rapper, entrepreneur and community activist, was killed March 31 in the parking lot of the same plaza after a dispute.  Police have identified his shooter as Eric Holder, 29, and charged him with murder and multiple counts of attempted murder.

“We will show love and respect for one another,” said a man holding a megaphone as he walked the street in front of the store, flanked by members of the Nation of Islam.

“They not expecting us to know no love and respect.”

A woman nodded in agreement.

The large crowd continued to patiently watch, waiting for Hussle’s motorcade to pass by the location.

A young African-American man walked behind the group with the megaphone, silently hoisting above his head a white poster.

Scribbled with large black lettering, it read: