Arsenio Hall addresses R. Kelly and Michael Jackson accusations

Arsenio Hall is returning to the stand-up stage and gives his thoughts on R. Kelly and Michael Jackson.

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Arsenio Hall is returning to the stand-up stage with a gig in Nashville, Tennesse, but before he gets off his opening joke, he is letting his thoughts fly about R. Kelly and Michael Jackson.

Hall reflected on everything we have heard about R. Kelly and reveals that he is not surprised that there multiple people speaking out against the troubled singer and points the finger toward Hollywood.

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“I think a lot of show business and society is sometimes to blame because we turn our head and look the other way,” Hall revealed to

Hall was specifically was referring to Aaliyah and stated that when he met her his initial reaction of “wow, this is the young lady” but also stating “And we’re aware of it.”

Interactions with R. Kelly led the talk show host to a tough position when Nelson Mandela passed during the time his rebooted talk show on the air. The “Ignition” singer wanted to come on Hall’s show and perform a tribute, which he previously played at Nelson’s house, but Hall was aware of the rumors surrounding the singer.

“And on a day like that — I’m an executive producer of the show — I’m like geez, because I know, I know who he really is,” Hall said.

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When speaking on the King of Pop, Hall admitted to the adoration of Jackson’s work but having to compartmentalize details that are public information regarding improper sexual accusations.

“I love, I adore the catalog of Michael Jackson, but at the same time I know I have to kind of put some things in the back of my mind and ignore some things and you know, it’s like you look at these things and you listen to Oprah and a lot of people are angry at Oprah, a lot of people are angry but the bottom line is maybe not enough of us speak out,” Hall said.

Hall’s run in Nashville runs through the weekend. He is currently slated to also return to film, reuniting with his Prince Akeem counterpart Eddie Murphy in the sequel to Coming to America.