WATCH: Tracey Edmonds on snagging the right stars for sexy new series ‘Games People Play’

Tracey Edmonds has been making big moves in Hollywood for decades and her latest project Games People Play is sure

Games People Play
(Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images for BET Networks)

Tracey Edmonds has been making big moves in Hollywood for decades and her latest project Games People Play is sure to get people talking.

As the executive producer of the sexy new BET show, Edmonds is putting her talents to good use, serving up a series that brings drama, suspense, and plenty more to the small screen.

One of the most exciting things about the series is the all-star cast that includes Sarunas Jackson, Lauren London, Jackie Long, Karen Obilom, and a surprisingly grown Parker McKenna Posey. You may remember the actress from the time she spent playing the adorable Kady Kyle on My Wife and Kids.

“I always start off with a wish list and I can tell you that so many of the people that were on our wish list, we got,” says Edmonds. “Casting Marcus King, who is a a NBA ball player and trying to keep that authentic was going to be our most challenging character to cast. Having Sarunas, who is 6’8″ and used to play basketball in real life playing Marcus King was really lucky.”

She also gushed about working with Lauren London who stars as Vanessa King and opened the series premiere by delivering an epic beatdown we can’t stop thinking about.

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“Lauren London is just so beautiful and so talented and she is so funny in this role because she’s pulling energy from things she has been through in her life,” says Edmonds. “Jackie Long and I go way back and we’ve been friends for years but this is the first time we’ve ever had a chance to work together. He’s just so much fun to watch.”

While there are plenty of familiar faces on Games People Play Edmonds is especially excited about one relatively new actress, Karen Obilom. 

“She’s a fresh face. She is this beautiful, chocolate princess and she plays Nia, who is Vanessa King’s best friend and confidant,” says Edmonds. “The chemistry between Karen and Lauren on camera is just so wonderful. It reminds you of that BFF that’s ride or die; who you can tell all your secrets to and always has your back.”

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The Nigerian actress who has had stints on NCIS: Los Angeles and Insecure is equally enamored with her new boss.

“Tracey is amazing and just multi-talented multi-faceted… She’s the definition of a badass woman. She’s such an amazingly strong, hardworking woman and I can only hope to be that way one day,” Obilom told TheGrio in an exclusive interview.

“Having a Black, female show runner is a huge reason why I took this job. We have a Black producer, Black directors; all of the heads of the makeup and hair teams are Black and I’m like…where else are you gonna find this?”

The Black woman’s perspective is written all over the show that was adapted from a novel by Angela Burt-Murray and Obilom has been deeply affected by the experience of feeling understood on set.

“I needed to be on this because it is groundbreaking. This doesn’t happen very often and this is something that was brought to me for a reason. I am in love with the fact that they’re all Black women and I’m very excited to have a team of Black women that can understand where I’m coming from most of the time and can relate to me on many different levels.”

Obilom made a point to insist her Games People Play character’s hair would be natural and she’s adamant about representing for the ladies who look like her.

“I have 4c hair. It’s real kinky, curly, Nigerian hair and it can be a little headache sometimes but  I wouldn’t trade it. I love it,” she says. “I wanted to showcase it and I wanted to make sure that it was my natural hair because I’ve actually never had my own hairstyle on any characters I have played on other projects. That was just a really important thing for me and I’m glad that they let me do that and they made sure they had a natural hair stylist on set because I’m not playin’ with nobody.”

Check out our exclusive interview to hear more from Tracey, Karen and the rest of the cast.

Games People Play airs Tuesday at 9/8c on BET.