A racist Snapchat video from a Kickapoo High School student in Springfield, Missouri has prompted the Springfield Police Department to investigate.

The video, which was posted on social media last week, shows a white student uttering racial and profanity-laden slurs referring to Black students, warning them not to go into the locker room and adding that “we should (expletive) lynch you.”

The Springfield NAACP is also calling on the police to investigate the video as a potential terroristic threat, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

“It should be taken seriously,” Toni Robinson, president of the Springfield NAACP, told the News-Leader. “We believe it is a terroristic threat and should be investigated.”

The outcome of the internal investigation has not been released to the public.

Once the police department’s investigation concludes the results will reportedly be forwarded to the Greene County Juvenile Office for review.

Kickapoo High School Principal Bill Powers relayed to parents that the student has been disciplined and that he requested that social media outlets take down the video.