Chance the Rapper to pay for your groceries for a year if he digs your dance moves

Chance the Rapper
Hip-Hop Artist Chance The Rapper. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)


Chance the Rapper is banking on the ingenuity of his fans and the social media dance challenge craze to help promote his uptempo new single “Groceries” with TisaKorean.

The Chicago rapper issued his own “Groceries Challenge” on social media, dangling an offer to pay for fans’ groceries for the next year if they win, according to Uproxx.

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“I would like to pay for your #GRoCERIES for the next year,” Chance tweeted. “Yup. I’m picking the 10 best dance videos posted with #Groceries and paying for their groceries THROUGH NEXT SUMMER! extra points if you do it with friends/parents. EXTRA EXTRA points if you do it at work/school.”

As anticipated, the submissions have been pouring in from school children, moms, families, athletes, and everyone in between. So far, two of the 10 videos, which you can see here and here, have been determined as winners by Chance, which leaves 8 more shots for you to get your videos in.

Social media dance challenges have been a thing for a few years. Drake’s “In My Feelings” really helped to push the craze and City Girls also used this approach to promote their “Twerk” video. Now, Chance The Rapper is showing he can also bring out the fun in advance of his new “owbum” on the way.

On the heels of Beyoncé’s new Netflix documentary, Homecoming, she released her take on the Frankie Beverly and Maze classic “Before I Let Go” and fans started creating their own dance takes to it – even before Beyoncé released an official dance or asked to see their moves. Like Chance, Bey has been generous in her praise of some of the posted videos and has reshared them across social media.

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Keep those videos coming while there’s still an opportunity to get fed. I mean, who couldn’t use some free groceries?