Jay-Z and RocNation sued by boxer alleging they’re to blame for brain injury

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)


An LA-based boxer is suing Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports after suffering a traumatic brain injury in the ring.

According to reports, Daniel Franco signed a four-year contract with Roc Nation Sports in 2015 with seven knockouts under his belt. According to Franco, he was unable to prepare for a fight against Christopher Martin in March of 2017 due to the flu, and when he tried to get out of the bout, Roc Nation told him to proceed or face “difficulty securing future fights.”

Franco lost that fight and was scheduled for two more in May and June, and he says the company failed to pursue “appropriate medical clearance” before scheduling the fight.

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Franco insists he suffered “two skull fractures and a separate brain bleed that likely occurred in the two fights before the (Haro) match,” before being knocked out in the eighth round.

“The reckless and grossly negligent acts of Roc Nation in scheduling so many fights in such a short amount of time, including when Franco was sick and unable to train, resulted in Franco suffering from a devastating brain hemorrhage,” the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles and obtained by the Daily News claims.

“As a result of traumatic brain injury, Franco still suffers from devastating neurological and cognitive deficits, including difficulty with speech, motor function, ambulation and balance problems,” the lawsuit alleges.

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Franco reportedly has to take medication for seizures and must wear a helmet at all times because he is “still missing a piece of his skull,” the lawsuit claims.

He’s accusing Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports of breach of fiduciary duty, and asking for real and punitive damages.