Da Baby gets heckled by fellow rapper Cam Coldheart, then gets some licks in

The two rivals exchanged words, then heat in a Charlotte mall and both claiming wins in their social media videos

DaBaby attends day one of radio broadcast center, sponsored by Sprite, during the 2017 BET Awards. (Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images for BET)

A series of Instagram videos which begins with rapper DaBaby shown being heckled by a rival MC ends with that heckler getting up off the floor with his pants down and a bloody nose.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the “Baby Jesus” artist, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk was being taunted in Charlotte’s SouthPark Mall by rapper Cam Coldheart while he tried to make a purchase at a Louis Vuitton store. But soon after, the two exchange words which lead to blows being thrown


took to Instagram to show his 2.6 million followers, he’s a force to be reckoned with. According to the Charlotte Observerthe rapper posted three videos in which rapper Cam Coldheart is seen taunting DaBaby.

Cam is first seen in a video trying to heckle DaBaby while making a purchase in the Louis Vuitton Store in SouthPark Mall.

Soon after Cam and DaBaby exchange a few words, a scuffle happens, and  then Cam is seen on the floor, pants down, with a bloody nose. The entire shaky video exchange can be seen from the initial trash talking by Cam to the ending trash talking by DaBaby

Note: Graphic language and violence in the following video


However Cam’s version of the story seems a bit different from what DaBaby posted of their fight. In an Instagram video Cam posted, he spoke with Louis Vuitton security who confirms two men actually delivered the beatdown.


In another follow up video he explains how he really is the victim.




But celebrities sided with Dababy. Comedian B. Simone said, “That’s what he get!”

Followed by rapper Yella Beezy also backing him up saying, “Did wat u was supposed to do.”

This is the second fight the rapper has gotten into in the last few weeks. Another rapper who goes by the name Don Trag, was reportedly in a coma following the beating. The man’s brother spoke with TMZ  and he said Trag,”is not doing well”  he claims Trag suffered brain and neck swelling.