Georgia mother arrested for stabbing toddler who told police her ‘mommy’ did it

A woman who police say fled to Atlanta after stabbing her child tried to deceive authorities into believing another suspect committed the crime, but her story did not add up

11-year-old is handcuffed

A Clayton County, Ga., woman has been arrested for allegedly stabbing her toddler multiple times, fleeing to Atlanta, then trying to convince another possible suspect committed the crime.

On July 23, around 6 a.m., Brittney Jackson, 31, called 911 to report that her daughter had been stabbed. Police responded to an apartment on the 700 block of Gardenwalk Boulevard and when they arrived, they found the 3-year-old girl suffering from multiple stab wounds to her groin and buttocks area, officers said, according to Atlanta station WAGA.

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In investigating the crime, officers asked Jackson what happened to her baby girl. Jackson responded to police that two armed men had burst into her apartment looking for the girl’s father before they began stabbing the girl. However, during the course of the investigation, Clayton detectives grew suspicious when they realized that Jackson’s story kept changing and wasn’t adding up.

The Clayton County Police Department said they worked with a group known as the Rainbow House Forensic interviewers, who spoke with the toddler girl as well as a 9-year-old witness to uncover the truth.

It was when they interviewed the child on Friday, that they learned that the toddler told police that the person responsible for stabbing her was her “mommy,” according to investigators.

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Police secured a warrant for Jackson’s arrest. When she failed to come in for an interview with the Division of Family and Child Services, officials enlisted the help of its Fugitive Squad, who worked with police detectives and determined that Jackson was “trying to use family and friends to elude capture,” the station reported.

Jackson was arrested Friday night at a house in southwest Atlanta. She was charged with a count of aggravated assault and first-degree child cruelty and is being held at the Clayton County Jail without bond.