Jessie Woo shares inspiring message for creatives and talks latest EP ‘Moods Of A Cancer’

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Haitian entertainer, Jessie Woo, best known as our “Seester” is known for her viral comedic skits, a host/ personality on BET, and appearing on the Love & Hip-Hop franchise. Now, she’s diving into the music scene with her latest EP, Moods of a Cancer, executive produced by Shaft for The KSR Group.

Moods Of A Cancer features six new R&B tracks and two humorous skits and the EP is said to “reflect Jessie’s range as a multifaceted entertainer, showcasing both her mesmerizing singing abilities and contagious comedic personality.”

Credit: KSR Group, EPIC

During an interview with theGrio, Woo revealed how singing was always something that was apart of her.

So a lot of people know me for all these different things but I grew up in the church…I grew up singing. My mom is a singer and so was my dad. My dad was preaching [and] my mom is an evangelist soo I grew up hearing them sing,” says Woo.

“And that’s always what I wanted to don but I just had a very difficult journey, you know, following that dream and unexpectedly everything else happened.”

Despite the difficult journey, Woo has successfully created her own digital empire.

Many can relate to that feeling of fear from stopping us from chasing our dreams– especially as a creative. When asked what tips she would give to encourage others, she replied with happy tears, “I think my top tip is just to follow your heart.” 

“I think that I’m really, really happy about my music,” Woo adds. “It’s been a long rough journey for me and just being here, I’m happy. Just getting here has been a long, hard journey but I always followed my heart even when people discouraged or things didn’t work out. I always followed my heart and my heart always told me to do what makes me happy do what makes you happy.”

Woo adds, “I think success is something that is self-measured. There’s no one definition of success and especially for us Caribbean kids. We’re not all going to be the successful doctor. But some of us are creatives and there is room in this world to be a successful creative and I think that when you’re happy doing what your heart wants [you] to do, that’s success. So I think my top tip would be just to follow your heart, follow your happiness.”

Moods Of A Cancer is available on all streaming platforms!

Check out more from the interview below.

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