Richard Guinn (Nassau County, Fla., Sheriffs Office)

Police have arrested a Florida man after he sent several threatening emails against Florida officials, including one offering to pay $100 billion for the deaths of all Black police officers.

Richard Guinn, 33, of Fernandina Beach, Fla., was initially taken in by deputies from the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office on charges that he violated an injunction but police were later informed that Guinn sent numerous threatening emails to Daryl G. Byrd, CEO of IberiaBank, over the past several years, according to Newsweek.

Jacksonville station, WJXT said most of Guinn’s emails were “ramblings,” however, a few were concerning because Guinn threatened local military bases and police officers across several jurisdictions in Nassau County, including Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach, and Georgia.

In one of the emails, Guinn allegedly wrote: “I’d pay 100 billion for the deaths of every Black police officer.” And while writing about the local military bases, Guinn added: “All the bases and people that live on them need to be executed.”

Police have arrested Guinn and charged him with aggravated stalking, corruption by threat, written threat to kill, threat against public officials, and violating an injunction, according to Newsweek magazine. The charges are a combination of felonies and misdemeanors.

Police responded to the home of one of Guinn’s relatives to arrest him. It is the same home that the court issued an order in 2013 preventing Guinn from being within 500 feet of the house.

Guinn is being held at the Nassau County Jail on $110,000 bond.

This isn’t Guinn’s first run-in with the law. According to court records, Guinn was sentenced to 90 days in jail last April for violating another protection order.

He also previously was arrested for resisting arrest, aggregated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic battery by strangulation, according to Newsweek.

Police apprehended him before he could carry out any of his threats.