Crowns and Hops Brewery Company, founded by Teo Hunter and Beny Ashburn, is described as  “a craft beer brand that celebrates the fashion, music and the culture of Black and brown communities together with world-class beer.”

Out of 7,300 breweries in the country, less than one percent are minority-owned. Hunter and Ashburn are looking to fill that void in the industry and the void of people of color in craft beers.

During an interview with LocalNow, the founders shared how they started their dynamic new company.

“We wanted to first curate craft beer events very specific to diverse communities that would be in spaces that were culturally relevant,” says Ashburn. “For example, in the back of the Barbershop, or we would collaborate with a really amazing seafood company.”

“We would offer amazing tasters,” she continues. “Have conversations, and really educate on what craft beer is, the different varieties, and different flavors and really just welcome them to the community in a way that has never been done before.”

“Pubs are public spaces,” Hunter adds. “And if these public spaces don’t look like the communities that they’re in, then that’s a problem, that’s an issue.”

Having a cold beer isn’t just about unwinding after a long day at the office. It can open the door to important conversations.

“Sometimes a beer can be a great neutralizer, to allow you to one: have a thing to talk about in common but then to start thinking about the things that are different, the things you’re concerned about. And that’s what the pub is for. That’s why having a space in Inglewood, that serves food, that serves beer, that is family-friendly is important so that these topics and these conversations can happen organically.”

Check out the full video for more of their interview!