Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz is attempting to find out why was she shot at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic, his home country, last June.

The former MLB slugger is now at home to continue his recovery but is also checking into the reason he was a targeted by hiring a security firm led by former Boston police commissioner Ed Davis.

In a statement to the Boston Globe, Joe Baerlein, a representative for Ortiz and also the principal owner of the Edward Davis Company, state the company is “monitoring and analyzing information from various sources in the Dominican Republic around the motives for the shooting of Ortiz on June 9th.”

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The company will also be securing the Ortiz family going forward. Ortiz is said to be invested in finding out the cause for the shooting. Traditionally, when Ortiz visited his home country he moved around freely on his own and interacted with people while enjoying his time going out with friends.

Prior to the private investigation being launched by Ortiz, Victor Hugo Gomez and other suspects were arrested in the Dominican Republic for the shooting. The incident is believed to have been a hired hit on Gomez’s cousin. At the location of the shooting Ortiz was sitting at a table, the two are believed to be friends. At the time it was believed Ortiz was injured as a result of mistaken identity, which is now being questioned.

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“[Ortiz] had no basis for a long time to challenge their theory of mistaken identity,” Baerlein said. “However, as new facts continue to come up, it lends some optimism that there may be some other conclusions that are drawn before it’s over about why David was shot.”

As a result of the shooting Ortiz sustained injuries to both his small and large intestines, liver and gall bladder. Ortiz is expected make a full recovery after undergoing a number of surgeries.