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Fall has arrived (along with school for the kiddies) and it’s only right that we hit you with a list of books to get you going this fine Autumn. I’m a voracious reader and I love to big up Black authors, so that’s what you have going on here. This list includes everything from juicy memoirs to historical fiction to cookbooks to spicy novels to edifying non-fiction about contemporary headlines. Get into it!


16 Speaking of Summer, Kalisa Buckhanon (Counterpoint Press)

First of all, look at this gorgeous cover for Speaking of Summer! It’s Black, beautiful, colorful and feminine. The story in this New York–based literary thriller from Kalisha Buckhanon mirrors the cover with its perfectly paced action and emotional depth. The readers are taken inside the head of Autumn Spencer as she desperately tries to figure out how her twin sister Summer disappeared from a Harlem rooftop without a trace. What happened to Summer? Dive in and find out the answer.