Airbnb Halloween mansion party horror leaves 5 dead, and several others injured

It appears that the fatal event was advertised on social media as a BYOB and BYOW event

An "Airbnb Mansion" party that took place on Halloween in Orinda, Calif., left four people dead and several others injured.

Halloween shooting

A house party on Halloween has turned one of the biggest nightmares into a reality. An “Airbnb Mansion” party that took place on Thursday in Orinda, Calif., left four people dead and several others injured, KTVU News reported.

The reported shooting happened at 10:45 p.m on Thursday, according to sheriff’s spokesman Jimmy Lee.

The windy road, lined with multimillion-dollar homes, rendered three people dead at the scene and a fourth and fifth person died at the hospital. The number of other victims is unknown and no suspect has been apprehended at this time.

Romond Reynolds, the father of one of the victims that survived said his son Armani is currently under sedation at the hospital after being shot three to four times.

“He was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Reynolds said. “I don’t like it. I don’t understand.”

The home that was used to host this party was on rent via Airbnb. The actual owner of the $1.25 million home was identified as Michael Young Wang. He was not present at the time of the incident.

According to KTVU, neighbors state that Wang never appeared to actually move into the house or reside there, although he purchased the property in 2005. Wang’s main home is in Concord, Calif.

On Thursday, Wang told the San Francisco Chronicle that the renter said she was from Lafayette, CA and was hosting a family reunion for a dozen people. But neighbors said the house has been the source of several parties this year.

People learned the details about the fatal party via a now-deleted Instagram post saying, “AirBNB mansion party” in Orinda. Guests were told to direct message someone named @tonecapone300 for the address.  The flier also mentioned to “BYOB” and “BYOW.” Doors would open at 10 p.m., according to the post.

Orinda resident, Hayden Aitchison, is a senior at local school Miramonte High and said she heard the party got “really chaotic. There was a lot of yelling and then shots were fired.” At first, she said, she heard everyone was “having fun, doing their own thing. Then suddenly it turned south. My friends are OK but they are mourning the loss of other people.”

A neighbor said he witnessed what appeared to be 30 to 50 people running down the hill to escape the shootout.

A multi-agency response team arrived at the crime scene. Orinda is a small town with a population of about 17,000 people. The FBI is also investigating the incident.