Author and Parenting Pro, Nancy Redd shares why we all need to be more intentional about making sure that Dads are a part of every parenting conversation.  

Do you remember the time when dads just came home, kicked off their shoes and yelled “make me a sammich woman!” while ignoring their kids? Perhaps that’s just a scene from an old TV sitcom, but there is cause to believe that todays generation of Fathers are changing the game. Whether baby-carrying or becoming the stay at home parent, Nancy Redd contends that “Dads are literally doing work now. They’re on board and we need to put them forward facing.” 

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Redd is the author of Bedtime Bonnet, a children’s book featuring black nighttime hair rituals. While there are books on the market celebrating black hair, Bedtime Bonnet is the first to truly highlight routines that are so crucial to African-American hair care for both men and women.

Redd uses the book as a platform to present black men in a unique and honorable light. “I was adamant that there be some men in durags and wave caps because that’s representative and realistic, just like all the dads out there doing all this work now” Redd says. 

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Budding movements created by fathers like The Dad Gang, Good Dad Gang, and even the recent viral hashtag #GirlDad, suggests that Dads are ready to bring themselves to the forefront. However, fathers deserve more than a FUBU moment.

We have to get adamant about making sure that our present fathers, especially those of color, have a voice. We don’t just need their heart-melting IG pictures, we need their authenticity and perspectives. It seems as if they’re ready to speak up. The question is, are we ready to provide the platform?