Viral LeBron James and Michael Jordan photo has fans searching for video footage

Metta World Peace has long said James would play scrimmages against NBA stars back when he was a sophomore in high school

Michael Jordan and Lebron James (Credit: Getty Images)

An old photo of Michael Jordan and a teenage LeBron James has the sports world digging to find the video that could potentially show who bested whom on the court.

The viral photo of the two basketball giants has the Internet abuzz as to whether they were playing in a scrimmage against one another. Metta World Peace, who was formerly known as Ron Artest, has long said James would play scrimmages against NBA stars back when he was a sophomore in high school, reported The New York Post.

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“He was cooking. Nobody could guard him,” World Peace, who played in these games, said in an old video interview.

“They couldn’t guard him. I’m like, ‘He’s embarrassing us.’ He was coming down, full speed, LeBron James. I laid him on the floor, he’d get up and start cooking more. He’s just tough. He was about 225 (pounds) at that time, but I remember him just being tough.”

The prospect of witnessing James, considered by many to be the best player in the world on the court today, going up against Jordan who is arguably the best player of all time, has people clamoring for the clip. In the NBA, the two never faced one another as Jordan retired in 2003, months before James was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Now that the NBA season is suspended because of the coronavirus, it has left NBA aficionados with plenty of time on their hands. Some are no doubt searching hard for the footage of this Jordan-James scrimmage game.

Fans of both players took to Twitter to post their thoughts on the photo in playful banter.

Unless footage is found, one can only speculate. Find. That. Tape.