Man filming bodies loaded inside truck tearfully warns: ‘This is real, ya’ll’

Viral video tops 3.1 million views, as many sympathize with the New Yorker's cries of disbelief and horror

Brookdale Hospital
Unloading of the bodies from Brookdale Hospital into a truck (Screenshot from the viral video)

The voice of a grief-stricken Brooklyn man can be heard on a video he captured appearing to show medical personnel removing wrapped bodies out of Brooklyn Hospital of people who died from the coronavirus and placing the bodies inside of a truck.

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On the NYC Scanner Twitter page, the unidentified man said he decided to record the video to warn people who are not taking the virus seriously.

“This sh*t is for real, ya’ll. This is Brooklyn ya’ll. Family, ya’ll take it serious. Ya’ll take this thing real serious,” the man says on the video.

“Ya’ll not taking it serious,” the man says. “This may make you want to take it serious, ok?”

The man explains that what people are seeing is medical personnel putting “the bodies in an 18-wheeler.”

“Please stay inside, this is no joke ya’ll this is for real,” the man goes on to say, explaining that the bodies were being put in the back of a freezer truck. “Please stay inside. Please pray for the people ya’ll. This is for real.”

“Lord have mercy, help us, Lord. Please, please ya’ll stay inside,” the man, who sounds like he’s crying, pleads on the video.

The video had 3.1 million views as of Monday morning. Many responded to the Twitter video with surprise, disgust, denial or disbelief.

“This is happening while Trump is on stage suggesting healthcare workers in this same city are selling masks out the back door,” tweeted Skeletress.

“How terribly sad we have come to this. The trump klan of goons is responsible for this mess,” tweeted PatriciannS.

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“OMG. That poor man witnessing that. People from all walks of life are sharing the same trauma. STAY HOME. FFS, STAY HOME,” wrote @HedFulofDreams.

“Remember this in November. tRump’s failure to act early has contributed to the impact,” wrote ResistanceDerry.

“This should be sent to trump let him see the real life situation” tweeted Linda.

“The raw grief in his voice has me weeping…” wrote @MsDixieDiva8253.