Robin Roberts reveals ‘GMA’ cameraman Tony Greer died of coronavirus

A beloved member of the morning show team succumbed to COVID-19

On Wednesday, Robin Roberts announced that Tony Greer, a cameraman for Good Morning America, has died from coronavirus complications.

“He was such a bright light working at our studio for more than six years…You could just feel Tony’s beautiful spirit, you could feel it from a mile away,” Roberts said during the live-taping.

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“We love Tony and so many things that he loved…He loved his family, his beloved mother Fanny, his sister Janet, his brother Kevin. He loved taking his nieces, nephews, any relative who came to visit him, he’d take them out and show them the city,” she continued while a montage of photos of Greer appeared on the screen.

Good Morning America Co-Anchor Robin Roberts. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

“He loved his longtime girlfriend Robin, we are thinking of her…She lives in his hometown, Chicago. They loved traveling the world together. They traveled extensively. And Tony loved his music. Playing guitar in his band, picking up gigs around the city, he played a mean guitar, he was a cool dude.”

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Greer is the latest on a long list of Black lives claimed by COVID-19.

“He loved GMA, he loved meeting all the people who would walk through studio doors. Actors, singers, stars, Tony got to see them all and he took pictures with many of them, and they were gracious to take a picture with him,” Roberts continued.

“We loved every single moment we were blessed to spend and share with Tony…Our condolences to his family in Chicago. To his mother Fanny, we have to say this to you ma’am, your son was a good man. He was kind, he was thoughtful, he was always a gentleman.”

Watch the clip: