Marsai Martin claps back at trolls over BET Awards hair

Social media bullies tried to come for the pint-size mogul, but quickly learned that she was not here for foolishness

Teen actress, Marsai Martin, responded to online trolls who made fun of her during the virtual BET Awards event last night (June 28).

Martin presented the “Best Female Hip Hop Artist” award to Megan thee Stallion, and she won the “Young Stars” Award.

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The event was hosted by Amanda Seales and billed as “Our Culture Can’t Be Canceled.”

The star was serving up a new, blonde look as she enthusiastically presented during the event. However, some Twitter trolls decided the look wasn’t up to their standards. Commenters remarked that the wig looked “mature” and calling it a “Miss Piggie wig.”

They also found time to comment on the 15-year-old’s teeth commenting that she was wearing veneers. She was wearing invisible aligner braces.

Martin responded to the online trolls first with a tweet where she remarked that it’s a “good thing I don’t put my effort into trying to please everyone. I like it. Chile I’m 16 this year, let me live.”

The actress later posted a short video on Instagram where she pretended to cry.

“A lot of people have been talking about my hair and how it looks like a grandma’s wig,’ she said, “and they are talking about my veneers.” She then pulled out her removable braces.


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She then remarks that she is “sorry to anyone I offended or haven’t gotten to your expectations of how I’m supposed to be.” Feigning tears, she pulls out a $100 bill and pretends to blow her nose.

“Y’all,” she says, “we are in quarantine and we got more important things to focus on than just my hair. Justice for Breonna Taylor.”

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Martin garnered a ton of support after her video post, where users reminded the trolls that she is a child.

In 2019, at the age of 13, Martin became the youngest person to ever executive produce a movie, Little. It was the female version of Tom HanksBig.