Philly entrepreneur offers McDonald’s employees higher-paying jobs on the spot

Saudia Shuler offered to upgrade their hourly pay to $12

Saudia Shuler Philly Chef
(Credit: Saudia Shuler)

Philly restaurant owner Saudia Shuler, who coined the term “Y’all see it” and threw her son a lavish graduation party complete with a camel, pulled up to a local McDonald’s drive-thru and offered two of their employee’s higher-paying jobs. They accepted on the spot.

Shuler recently shared a video on her Instagram stories of the flex that was then uploaded to The Shade Room. Schuler is shown recruiting for new employees for her North Philly eatery, Country Cookin.’ Her methods were met with approval by Shade Room users.

Saudia Shuler  Philly chef
(Credit: Saudia Shuler)

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“Alright y’all, this is a whole different level of recruiting right here ?! Pulling up to a place of work that requires the same skills to work for your own business, and essentially poaching them on the spot might be the new wave to find the best of the best!” The Shade Room captioned its post.

In the clip, Shuler asked two employees how much money they made per hour. They responded ‘$7 – $8.’ She offered them more to come work for her soul food restaurant.

“Would you like to make $12 an hour?” she asked. “Walk out.”

The shocked employees seemingly quit on the spot.

“Let’s go. Come get in the car with aunty,” she said.

Shuler continued, “You wanna work? Let’s go. C’mon let’s go. I’m waiting on you.”

One of the employees was in complete disbelief until she realized Shuler was serious.

“You lying!” one of the workers said.

“I’m not f**king lying. I’m ready. Get y’all sh*t and let’s go,” Shuler responded.

Shuler repeated that she was serious about the job offers.

“I’m taking McDonald’s workers, period,” she exclaimed before engaging in a back and forth with a manager.

Shuler later shared that her recruitment efforts had been successful.

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“Country Cookin’ hired 11 people today. I pray they work out. God is so good to me,” she posted to Instagram on Wednesday.

The reaction to her unique way of providing fast food employees higher-paid work was overwhelmingly positive. However, some, even a few celebs, were skeptical.

“I have mixed feelings. What if it doesn’t work out and they need a reference for the next job. I applaud giving them the opportunity but let’s do it the right way. Teach them good business. But go off,” Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams posted in the comments.

This isn’t Shuler’s first time going viral. In 2017, she threw a Dubai-themed high school graduation party for her son, Johnny “JJ” Eden, Jr., which included a camel. The cost of the party was said to be $25K.

Eden even felt she’d gone over the top but Shuler said she wanted him to have a celebration he’d never forget.

Shuler has battled thyroid cancer, was hit by a car, and her son’s father was murdered. In 2019, she was sentenced to house arrest and three year’s probation for defrauding the government out of $37K in disability money.

According to The Philly Voice, dozens of character witnesses showed up on Shuler’s behalf at trial because of her community efforts, including a ‘Black Panther’ themed graduation party for local high school seniors.

She simply wanted her son and her community to have moments of joy.

“You know, the funny thing about it, he didn’t even want to go to on prom,” she said about her son at the time. “He was like, mom you’re doing too much.”

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