Video shows man knocked out on London subway after racist rant

Shocking video footage captures the moment a man is punched and knocked out following his racist rant on a London train.

(Credit: Screenshot)

A man is hit with a knock-out punch following his loud, racist rant on a London train.

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According to Independent, police are now investigating the incident where a white man directed violent racist views at Black people riding the public train over the weekend. The now-viral video displays the man directing his hatred toward a group of Black men.

London racist man
(Credit: screenshot)

Uploaded to YouTube by user Dawud Bryant on Sunday, the seven-minute video chronicles the entire conflict.

Wearing a plain black shirt with a loose collar, khaki shorts and black glasses, he repeatedly shouts “lesser than us” with his fist in the air. Other passengers look and tell the man to “shut the f*** up,” as he continues.

“It’s not funny being racist,” a woman says to the man, as he finds joy in his public declaration. “You’ve had your five-minutes, now f***-off and get out of the train.”

Eventually, his tirade turns to target a specific group of Black men on the same train, referring to them as “pets.”

“This is my home, you’re all going back,” the man shouts at the group.

They respond, demanding his name which he proudly responds “Billy Steele.” As the interaction continues, the train eventually reaches the stop where the group of Black men exit. They walk past their racist attacker to enter the platform. As they leave, one of the men reaches back and punches him in the face. The man falls out, seemingly briefly unconscious.

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The punch is met with an audible “yay,” and “well done,” from onlookers plus a few claps, and laughs from other passengers. One passenger offers assistance, checking the man’s pulse after the jab leaves him on the train floor. Another passenger insists “don’t help a racist.”

Independent reports that a spokesperson representing the British Transport Police confirms law enforcement is “aware of two videos on social media showing an incident on a Central Line Underground train on 15 August.”

They request any person with information contact the authorities.

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