Officer suspended after pointing gun at doctor outside of his business

A Colorado police officer is suspended after pointing a gun at a doctor while questioning the man outside of his business.

After pointing a gun at a business owner, an Aurora, Col. police officer is suspended from duty.

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The Sentinal Colorado reports Police Chief Vanessa Wilson suspended Officer Justin Henderson on Tuesday for one week without pay and he must participate in further de-escalation training after an incident where he pulled his gun on a local doctor. Dr. P.J. Parmar captured video in March outside of a business property where his ownership was questioned by Henderson at gunpoint.

In the parking garage, the two men came head-to-head with Parmar in the driver’s seat of his vehicle. According to the Sentinel, Parmar has owned the building, the parking structure and their umbrella LLC, Mango House, and a medical clinic across the street for several years. Parmer, who identifies himself as a person of color, describes his experience with the local police force and his decision to take his story to social media in a Medium blog post.

“For poc (people of color like me), guns in the hands of police are not even for our protection. We are just as likely to be at the wrong end,” he writes.

He describes what happened as he attempted to exit his property although blocked in by Officer Henderson.

“He jumped out of his car, swore at me, and pulled out his gun while running to my car. I heard a clickety click racheting type sound from his gun which, I’m not sure, but I think means he was getting ready to use his gun. I started recording,” he writes.

“I thought about calling 911, as I previously did when people on my property refuse to leave. When I call 911, they always ask if a weapon is involved. I would have said “Yes, a gun pointed at my head. It is scary, I fear for my life. One trespasser didn’t leave, and invited more trespassers, all with guns.” But I didn’t call, because when I do, it usually takes so long for the police to arrive, that the offender is already gone. In this case, the police were the offenders doing the stick-up.”

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According to the Sentinal, Parmar does not agree with the one-week suspension and has acquired legal assistance for further action. David Lane, his attorney, tells the outlet he plans to file a federal lawsuit against the city claiming Henderson used excessive force.

“It’s not enough,” Parmar said to the news outlet. “That would never fly in the business world — I’ve terminated employees for less. The police pretty much have free rein to do whatever they want.”

“That force may only be used if the officer is in reasonable fear for his or her life,” Lane said to the Sentinal. “Dr. Parmar was merely loading boxes into his vehicle on his own property when an Aurora officer approached him with a drawn gun.”

The Sentinal notes that Henderson killed 22-year-old, Shamikle Jackson, in September 2019, in a shooting ruled justified. The subject in this case allegedly approached officers, swinging a machete. Parmar believes this is an example of the Colorado police being overly aggressive with guns and the overall problem with police brutality and racism in the United States.

“For what its worth, Justin Henderson murdered someone just 6 months prior, in September 2019 — and had the case cleared by the same District Attorney that cleared the 3 cops that killed Elijah McClain in August 2019,” he writes on Medium.

There is currently an online petition calling for Henderson to be fired citing both the shooting incident and the current actions against Dr. Parmar.

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