Cornel West almost convinced Tucker Carlson to embrace democratic socialism in now-viral video

A conversation between West and Carlson features on democratic socialism has gone viral .

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In a now-viral video from 2018, Fox News host Tucker Carlson is shown agreeing with points of democratic socialism in a conversation with Cornel West.

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Broadcast on Fox News in July 2018, when West was a guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight, he explained the political terminology to the host before being met with some agreement. A 45-second clip of the conversation is currently making the rounds on Twitter after being uploaded by user @berniebromanny

“The fundamental commitment is to the dignity of ordinary people and to make sure they can live lives of decency,” West explained. “It is not an ‘ism,’ brother. It’s about decency. It’s about fairness and it’s about the accountability of the powerful.”

“If that is what democratic socialism is, then I am basically on board,” Carlson responded.

The conversation was born from a rise in the popularity of democratic socialism through the campaigns of Sen. Bernie Sanders and now New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her victory in the June 2018 Democratic primary for New York’s 14th congressional district offered hope for change in the Democratic party, cited by Carlson in the full segment.

“Democratic socialism is the future, but what is democratic socialism?” Carlson questions. He continues “Democratic socialism is not a wing of the Democratic party, at least not yet. It is an entirely separate movement with its own organization, the Democratic Socialists of America.”

West joins Carlson to further explain the ideals and beliefs of the movement.

“There are different forms of it. Some are bad, some are medium, some are better,” West says prior to the commentary in the viral clip.

Despite his brief moment of clarity, Carlson returned to his standard conservative talking points questioning the validity and effectiveness of the proposed system.

“The question is not what are our goals? Our goals are the same. How do we get there is the question,” Carlson said. “What happened in Venezuela? They call that democratic socialism, but they don’t have toilet paper.”

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The debate continues with both men offering their own takes on what’s best for society. Watch the full clip below:

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