Woman arrested for allegedly hitting Black jogger with glass bottle in racist attack

After an investigation, the woman responsible for an alleged racist attack against a Black jogger is arrested.

An incident captured on camera has led to the arrest of a Queens, New York woman on hate crime charges.

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NBC New York reports Lorena Delaguna was arrested and charged Monday with second-degree assault and attempted aggravated harassment, both as a hate crime. The 53-year-old was identified as the aggressor in a racist attack where she allegedly threw a glass bottle at a Black jogger, followed by shouting racial slurs.

theGrio reports the victim, Tiffany Johnson, was unaware her attack had been videotaped. In fact, it was not until the footage went viral and a friend saw the video on social media that she reported the incident to law enforcement. The confrontation happened in mid-August as Johnson took one of her daily jogs.

“At the time, I just wanted to move on with my life and forget it ever happened,” Johnson said according to NBC New York. “I was glad it got caught (on video) and I could take it to the police.”

After the video captured the attention of social media, the New York Police Department also took notice. The official Twitter account for the police force shared the video, asking for help identifying the attacker. The call for tips went live five days before the suspect’s arrest.

While a majority of the incident was captured on the video, Delaguna’s hateful tirade against Johnson continued beyond camera time.

“She did follow me, kept pursuing me. People saw it, people were getting upset, somebody even threw a bagel in her direction,” Johnson said to NBC New York. “It was scary, I didn’t want to see anyone get hurt, I just left.”

Neighbors recognized and identified Delaguna after the video went viral. This is not the only recent incident where a Black jogger was targeted for seemingly no reason. A Black jogger in San Antonio was arrested while completing their daily cardio in an incident of racial profiling by local law enforcement.

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TheGrio reports, Mathias Ometu was jogging in bright-colored clothing when police approached and detained him in Dallas. Officers claimed they believed he was an armed suspect they were in search of following a family dispute when in fact, video footage showed he did not fit the description.