Mystery blue dots painted near Biden supporters’ homes in California

A small California town is wondering why blue dots showed up at houses with Biden/Harris signs

It’s safe to say that the 2020 presidential election has people on edge.

None more so than the residents of Roseville, California which is a small town near Sacramento. Those who had Biden-Harris signs in front of their homes wondered why blue dots were painted in front of their houses, though the signs weren’t damaged or taken.

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“At first I was scared and extremely upset, and then I just got angry, and now I’m just angry and it just makes me more determined to keep my signs up,” an unnamed Biden Harris supporter told CBS 13.

According to a Newsweek report, the dots were spray-painted over the weekend. Though the Roseville police say they are investigating, the dots disappeared as mysteriously as they came. The strangeness of the situation made some folks who live in the city of slightly over 141,000 uncomfortable.

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Biden and Harris signs are displayed at Burton Barr Central Library on November 3, 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona. After a record-breaking early voting turnout, Americans head to the polls on the last day to cast their vote for incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. (Photo by Courtney Pedroza/Getty Images)

“It’s pretty creepy,” Adam Quilici of Roseville told KCRA. “I feel targeted and intimidated a little bit. It just seems like it’s not OK.”

The dots were confirmed not to be related to any utility or other public works project, Quilici said. What makes them more mysterious is that they were specific to one neighborhood, and only in front of seven homes that were obviously voting Democratic.

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Placer County, where Roseville is located, is a conservative, Republican enclave in a reliably Democratic state that is not expected to be in play in the election, though California does provide 55 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidential election. However, according to Roseville Today, the number of new Democratic voter registrations in the county are outnumbering Republicans 10-3 as the area becomes more diverse.

Quilici said that whether it was some kind of prank or not, he still feels a little shaky.

“This is not just a smashed pumpkin on Halloween,” he said.

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