Jemele Hill not ready to ‘turn the other cheek’ with some Trump supporters

The former ESPN host and journalist blasted the Trump supporters who have harassed her over the years

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Journalist Jemele Hill isn’t ready to turn the other cheek when it comes to the more fervent supporters of President Donald Trump.

President-elect Joe Biden has struck a chord of unity since being the projected winner of the 2020 presidential election. There have also been calls for the country to heal the divisions that fall across political, social, and cultural fault lines. But given what she’s experienced as an outspoken Trump critic, Hill isn’t receptive to the idea of letting bygones be bygones.

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Jemele Hill
Journalist Jemele Hill attends the Heavyweight Championship of The World “Wilder vs. Fury” Premiere at Staples Center on December 01, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

On Wednesday’s episode of her VIce TV show, Stick to Sports that she co-hosts with fellow journalist Cari Champion, Hill described the acrimony of the recent years since Trump ascended to the presidency.

“A lot of us have been terrorized. We’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of hatred, a lot of vitriol. I’ve been a professional journalist since 1997. I’ve been getting hate mail since I was in college. Nothing has been like it has been like the past four years, particularly after I called out the president,” Hill said.

Hill left ESPN after 12 years in 2018 when she drew backlash for blasting the Trump as a ”white supremacist” who is “unqualified and unfit” to be president.

Hill moved on as a contributing writer for The Atlantic and has continued her high-profile career with other multimedia ventures but the harassment has not let up. She read a message that was left in her Instagram DMs recently.

“This is what came into my Instagram DMs this morning. Hey you f—– racist n— b—-. You got a problem with white folks then run your f— up bitch-ass mouth to one of us, and I don’t mean a little kid or an old man, and see if they don’t slap the Black off your sorry ass. F— you. Trump will still win. Get the f—- over it or leave,” she recounted.

Hill says she’ doesn’t believe all of Trump’s supporters are racist. But she wanted to make it clear that she has no tolerance for the ones who are.

“Now I realize that does not necessarily mean that all Trump supporters are that hateful or that vitriolic but this idea that we need to turn the other cheek, hell no. So, I say this with all the disrespect. F–k y’all,” she said, raising both middle fingers.

“I’m not turning the other cheek. I’m not forgiving you because you’ve terrorized my life. You’ve threatened it. You’ve come after my friends and my family. So, f– you.”

She flipped both birds one more time.

 “Straight up, no chaser,” Hill declared and sipped a drink.

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“For the ancestors too y’all,” Champion replied.

“Exactly, Harriet [Tubman] would’ve wanted me to do that. Harriet, Sojourner [Truth], Shirley [Chisholm].  All of them. That’s for all y’all.”

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