California ‘Karen’ with taser demands Black neighbors act ‘white’

A woman in California uploaded a video in which a 'Karen' identified as Adana Dean claimed that the family's pitbull attacked her dog

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There has been another ‘Karen’ incident and this one involves a white woman in California armed with a taser demanding that her Black neighbors act more like white people.

The footage was uploaded to social media on Monday by a Twitter user named Jariell Jones who captured it on her security camera as the encounter escalated. She also began recording the back and forth with the woman who approached her family ready for a confrontation as she wielded a taser, claiming their pitbull, Dice, had attacked her dog which was at her side.

California Karen
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“I am TIRED of living this way,” Jones captioned the first of two videos. “I am TIRED of passive aggressiveness. I am TIRED of the fake smiles. I am TIRED that I don’t feel safe in a house that I’ve lived in for 10+ years cause of the color of my skin.”

The first video began with the ‘Karen’ making the allegations about her dog which are denied. She has been identified as Adana Dean and lives across the street, ABC 7 reported.

“We were raised around Black people and most of them were very nice,” Dean declared.

“My dog has never messed with your dog,” Jariell’s brother, Gerritt Jones, responded.

“If you do anything to me, I’ll call the police,” Dean threatened.

“Call the police,” he responded. “Everything’s on camera. I’ll be happy to show them.”

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Dean then demanded that she better not “see that dog outside,” to which he responded that his pitbull had every right. He reiterated that the dog didn’t cause any harm to the woman and she then disparaged his character.

“Why are you so nasty?” she asked and then continued, “You know what? You are a Black person in a white neighborhood, and you’re acting like one. Why don’t you act like a white person in a white neighborhood?”

Jariell soon approached the front door and the woman repeated her claims. However, a second video showed the woman petting the animal and insisting it was “a good dog.”

The woman then went on to once again declare that Jariel and her brother were not acting according to her standards which were “white.” She didn’t explain what acting “white” meant but insisted that they do so.

“You know what? You guys are acting like Black people when you shouldn’t, you should act like white people,” she said.

Jariell was angered and wanted the ‘Karen’ to repeat what she said and she did just that.

“I was raised in Oklahoma City, where there were tons of Black people,” she explains. “You’re acting like people… that aren’t normal,” Dean replied.

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Dean then announced that she had “top secret clearance” and walked off. She returned once more to continue the argument and explained away petting the dog she claimed attacked hers.

“I pet the dog because I wanted to see if he was okay,” she said.

Dean then promised to ruin the Jones siblings, even damning them both to eternal damnation.

“You know where you’re gonna go? You’re gonna go to Hell,” she warned. “Because I’m going to sue the hell out of you. Both of you.”

Jariell was met with support on social media but dismissed a user who claimed she was allowing once person “off their rocker” to rattle her.

“Do you live in my skin? Do you know what I deal with everyday as a black woman? No. So stfu.”

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