Letitia Wright says she finds dating online challenging due to her ‘Black Panther’ stardom

The British actress confesses that once she's recognized it becomes more about her iconic onscreen character than her

Black Panther star Letitia Wright is ready to mingle but says it’s a struggle considering folks equate her with the character that she played in the Marvel franchise movie.

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Wright, 27, recently covered Dazed magazine and shares with the publication details about her new film, Mangrove. In it, she portrays Altheia Jones-LeCointe a member of The Mangrove Nine, a group who protested racial hatred in London in the 70s. Wright also spills about her dating life.

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Letitia Wright in ‘Black Panther’ (Marvel Studios)

“She has the benefit of exploring without somebody going, ‘Oh my God! Wakanda Forever!,” Wright says when her friend suggested she date online. “She doesn’t have that problem.”

The British Guyanese actress says her friends assume it should be easy for her to snag a man considering her fame but instead she says it’s hard because dating prospects can’t refrain from the movie’s famous greeting or the arms-crossed stance that goes along with it.

But she is hopeful and says when it comes to dating it could all be so simple, “I just need to meet the one person that’s for me and that’s it. Done. I don’t need to do all that website stuff.” 

Though people think that being a young star in Hollywood makes dating easier as she probably can get in contact with the average girl’s crush, she says that type of access isn’t what folks think it is.

“Everybody’s like, ‘Hey, you have successful friends – they’re cute’, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, but they’re dating every girl they fancy,” says Wright. “You don’t want that. Like oh, dang – you’ve got five chicks? I’m not trying to be number six. I’m just trusting that I will find the person that’s for me when the time is right. My friends have told me I’m too passive. They’re like, ‘You need to do something about it.’”

Wright says dating has its downfalls and she’s not sure she’s ready.

“I have a whole thing about not wanting my heart to be broken. You can’t enjoy your blessings when you go through that,” she says, but her faith means she has to trust that the right person will come along when it’s the right time.

“This is what God wants me to do, so if you’re mature enough to see that, great, amazing, cool, let’s go. But if you’re not – don’t hit my DMs. Just don’t.”

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