Black YouTuber jumped off bridge and broke his skull

Rescuers noticed that Fomba was hurt and called EMTs

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A YouTuber by the name of Saa Fomba wanted to impress people and be known for something, so he decided to jump off a bridge and splash into a rocky river. He is now recovering from a fractured skull.

Published on Black Friday, the aspiring young Black YouTuber uploaded a video of himself where he drove to the Pennybacker Bridge in Austin, Texas, climbed its arched sculpting roof, and dove into the water.

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Based on the video, Fomba landed face first in the water, which explains his fractured skull.

Fortunately, Fomba waited for rescuers on a boat before deciding to jump, otherwise, he may have died.

“You might see it as jumping for views, but I see more. I wasn’t built for just normal, I’m a dream chaser, I don’t settle for less, I will leave my mark on this planet we call earth our home. chase yours and leave your mark,” Fomba said.

According to TMZ, rescuers noticed that Fomba was hurt and called EMTs.

His motivations for jumping off a bridge are unclear other than his stated goal which was to “leave a mark.”

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In the video, he mentions that “it’s no fun living a normal life… you ride or die, right? You jump or die. Dying after jumping does not mean you actually died. You died chasing your dream.”

The YouTuber hoped his plans would not be thwarted by police officers who would most likely write him fines for his stunt.

The video itself received less than 10K views, as of reporting, and Fomba has about 700 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Saa Fomba via Social Media

Many of the comments in the video are mocking him, with the top commenting user writing, “Those hospital bills gonna be worse than the fines you were talking about.”

Another user commented, “Damn, bro. Was your dream to die haha. At least you good now.”

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