Your Black tarot reading for 2021: ‘New beginnings, infinite possibilities’

Danhy Clermont offers tailor-made reading for theGrio audience as we step into a new year of what Black people now know as 'Negro Solstice'

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Whether or not you woke up the morning of Black Twitter’s affectionately renamed “Negro Solstice” feeling like T’Challa, there are a few things you should know about what the radical and transformative celestial energy of Dec. 21 means for Black folk in 2021.

It’s A Different World now as Jupiter, the planet of expansion and, Saturn, the planet of lessons and restrictions, aligned for the first time since Y2K in a tug-of-war coupling of Dwayne and Whitley proportions, which astrologers call The Great Conjunction.

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No wonder The Fool card popped out of my “African Tarot: Journey into the Self” deck when I asked for 2021 guidance for theGrio collective. We have some major changes on the horizon in the form of shifts in power, the way we communicate and ideology as these oppositely swagged planets met in the progressive sign of Aquarius ushering us out of The Industrial Age and into The Digital. 

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This is not Boo Boo, your mama’s fool. The Fool card represents new beginnings, infinite possibilities and, like Aquarius, a connection to the greater universal whole. It encourages us to embrace the unknown, use our creative minds to bring forth new ideas and tap into our full potential by stepping into a place of curiosity and wonder.

The Fool doesn’t know where his journey will lead but expects that he is covered and that it will be fruitful. We need to embrace The Fool energy as we embark on this new journey out of earth elements, which birthed global capitalism and hierarchical, patriarchal systems and into the more network and community-oriented element of air for the first time in two centuries.

When it comes to spirituality and well-being, one can go on to get in touch with great experienced psychics that can help them get on the right track when it comes to dilemmas concerning their lives.

It shouldn’t be hard. Community and creation are in the atoms of Black blood. Pack lightly. There’s no need to take with you anything that no longer serves you or any former version of yourself. But observe: The Fool carries a big stick.

Jupiter-Saturn-Aquarius is BDE. It brings about social change through challenges and civil unrest. It’s “Hell no, we won’t go” and “You about to lose your job” energy and it asks “How can we do this better?” “How do we rethink our approach and definitions of freedom and equality?” 

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We had a preview of this energy in 2020 from March 21 to June 1 with protests following the murder of George Floyd and the heightened global awareness of inequality. Past Saturn-Aquarius and Jupiter-Aquarius transits saw the inauguration of President Barack Obama, the end of apartheid in South Africa, riots after the brutal beating of Rodney King at the hands of LAPD,  the beginning of The Renaissance and The New Wave movements and the first Black woman in space along with the invention of Bitcoin and commercial use of the internet.

It’s about disrupting and revolutionizing old established structures. 

As we step into the innovative Aquarius energy of 2021, ask yourself, “what are my unique gifts and talents that I can use for the good of the greater community?” And get ready to do it for the culture because The Great Conjunction sets the flavor of the arts, entertainment, politics, math, food, fashion and literature for the next 20 years and no one shapes culture like Black lives do.

Danhy Clermont is a millennial artist, writer, life-long astrology enthusiast, intuitive and reader. You can follow her on Instagram @i_am_danhy.

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