2 Black cyclists forced to crawl during wrongful police detainment

Two Black men were riding on bikes when all of the sudden a police car with flashing lights approached them

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Two Black men were wrongfully accused of robbing a man and forced to crawl on the ground.

The Orlando Police Department confirmed to TMZ on Thursday two men were recently detained because they allegedly fit the description of armed robbers on bikes. The wrongfully accused men were forced off their bikes and told to crawl on the ground toward police when the initial detainment happened.  

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(Credit: Screenshot from suspect’s camera)

A man on vacation said his wallet, Apple Watch and digital camera was stolen by two dark skinned Black men on bikes who claimed to have a gun.

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Two Black men were riding on bikes when all of the sudden a police car with flashing lights approached them. Officers demanded they get off their bikes and onto the ground. They then asked the men to crawl toward them. One cyclist recorded the incident on what may be a GoPro.

In the video, the cyclist asked the officers why they are being detained and why their guns are drawn. He continually proclaimed their innocence and said they were just coming from a nearby 711.

In another clip, the man recording is seen sitting on the ground with his legs folded. He asked why they are being held and an officer replied that they fit the description of two robbers. In another video, the man said they were finally let go after the man who was allegedly robbed confirmed they were not the men that robbed him.

Social media users who saw the video felt the police acted inappropriately.

“When will good cops realize that they match the description of the bad cops? Black men and women also want to return home alive at the end of the day. Cops must be held to a higher standard,” said one user.

Another added, “Smh.. when will it stop.”

Police officers have been consistently in the news for being aggressive. Two Virginia cops were recently in the news for acting aggressively after unnecessarily pepper-spraying a man. When a police chief was asked if he believed the man was owed an apology, he said no.

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Attorneys for the Black Army officer who was harassed by Virginia police during a traffic stop in December spoke out about the incident, specifically the cops’ behavior. As per theGrio, attorneys for 2nd Lt. Caron Nazario, the Black man who was inappropriately pepper-sprayed by the officers, criticized the police chief after he refused to apologize, per NBC News.

Police Chief Rodney Riddle spoke about the incident for the first time in mid-April.

“I don’t believe so,” was Riddle’s response to reporters when asked if Nazario deserved an apology.

“The statements from the Police Chief of Windsor today demonstrate the systemic policing issues that generate civil rights violations across the country,” said Nazario’s attorneys in a statement.

“I wish he would have complied a whole lot earlier,” said Riddle in regards to Nazario. “I’m going to own what we did wrong. I can’t speak for him, but I’m going to own what we did. My guys missed opportunities to verbally de-escalate that thing and change that outcome.”

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