‘What’s In It For Us’ podcast unpacks exclusive Maxine Waters interview with Gerren Keith Gaynor

In a special crossover episode, Dr. Christina Greer down with Dear Culture podcast's Gaynor to discuss Marjorie Taylor Greene's commentary on Congresswoman Waters

In a special crossover episode, Dr. Christina Greer from What’s In It For Us podcast sits down with theGrio’s managing editor and co-host of Dear Culture podcast Gerren Keith Gaynor to discuss Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s commentary on Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Gaynor secured an exclusive interview with Waters about Greene’s accusation that Waters was “inciting” violence with her comments on the Derek Chauvin trial. Greene called for the expulsion of Waters from Congress, which many believe was a political tactic from the GOP. This week’s episode explores Waters’ dismissal of said accusations and reflect on the narrative of stereotyping Black women as angry and aggressive, as we always ask the question: what’s in it for us?

“[Far-right politicians] are the manifestation of what has been brewing in the Republican Party for a long time,” says Gaynor. “I was like ‘Oh, I don’t see anyone reporting about this but right-wing media.’ So I reached out and said, ‘Hey [Congresswoman Waters], do you want to release an exclusive statement?'” — which turned out to be an exclusive interview that was picked up by major news outlets like CNN, CBS, NBC, Politico and The Hill.

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As a former FOX News employee, Gaynor checks up on right-wing media outlets to see what the other side of the political spectrum is discussing. In his analysis, he noticed that these sites have been “really harping on the word ‘confrontational’” and it’s not the first time these outlets have used the words of Black women politicians to suggest Black women are promoting violence.

From Kamala Harris to Stacey Abrams, such rhetoric is not new, our hosts say. As Gaynor explains from his interview, Waters said “I am nonviolent.” To confront injustice means “confronting the justice system” and “using law and policy” to confront issues Black and Brown people face everyday.

Waters’ political activism was birthed from the women’s rights and civil rights era, thus “to suggest she promotes violence” is both extreme and out of character, Gaynor explains.

“[Waters] was the first to ring the alarm on [Donald] Trump,” adds Dr. Greer.

Rep. Maxine Waters (above) questions Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar at a hearing before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis last month in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Micahel A. McCoy – Pool/Getty Images)

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As Dr. Greer points out, “it’s not only FOX” and right-wing media outlets that portray Black women speaking their minds as frightening. In her personal life, she’s experienced the age-old narrative that Black women are scary when expressing their truths. Anytime Dr. Greer’s name is mentioned on FOX, death threats against her begin to rise.

Not only do right-wing media outlets and politicians use Black women as a way to funnel monetary support — mainstream media often run with it too, the hosts argue. Not only is the angry Black woman narrative a deflective process, it’s a “raising money” technique, Gaynor adds. With Trump gone, hardcore Marjorie Taylor Greene types are trying to create an “America first” rhetoric to retain white nationalist power, the hosts say.

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